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starting Gore over LJ


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Dude, pass what you are smokin over here........sit LJ ? ? ?


Never fear a tough D for your studs!!!


Look at KC's record at Arrowhead in December......20 and flipin 1, let me repeat that 20 and frigin ONE, KC is in a MUST win, they are coming off a year with 10 wins and missed a trip to the post-season...it ain't happening again this year, they will run the table the rest of the way, and they will do it on LJ's back!!!!!

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I am always amazed when I start to see posts that involve sitting LJ, Palmer, etc.


What's wrong with these people. Did they bribe the commish in their league for a playoff spot. It seems that can be the only explanation.


Never, Never, Never sit your studs. Match-up's are only for marginal or banged up players. Period. Period. Period.

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Sounds like someone is a little upset looking UP at the Chiefs......"Bitter, table for one....bitter, table for one....."


Don't hate LJ.....hate the game.........oh and BTW, we need you to beat SD this week :D


No LJ is playing BAL allowing just 76 rush yards a game and 5 TDs all year. I'll take Gore against a mediocre, ok maybe terrible :D, defense that is the Packers. I have no doubt that Gore will outperform LJ tomorrow.


Playoffs on the line. If we win Cutler will be a hero.

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