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New HDTV question.


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I have an old DVD player. I would say it is at least five years old. When I bought it many years back it was a pretty good player according to people that were into the DVD players. It was not a cheapie.


Anyway, anytime I play a dvd though this bad boy I do not like the the way the picture fits my tv. I have it set to 16:9 output but the picture still does not fit the screen with out using 'zoom' setting on the tv. I would think that since the tv is 16:9 and the player has an option to put out 16:9 it would fit perfectly on the screen. :D


Is this normal? Do I need a new DVD player to take advantage of my tv screen?

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Not all movies are shot in 16:9 ratio. I've seen sites that describe it better, but here's more info:



You'll never get rid of the "black bars", short of constructing a theater that will allow many different aspect ratios. Having a 16:9 set definitely helps solve many problems, like letter boxed tv shows. Movies are a different story. Many are shot in 16:9. Many are not.

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You need to have an upconverting DVD player to see DVD's in HD.


Or a HD DVD player and a HD DVD.


It's not about seeing it in HD. It's about seeing movies in the right aspect ratio. High def and standard def sources can have different aspect ratios.

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Ok first thing Egret is right, this has nothing to do with HDTV. This is a DVD/TV question.


Second it is an aspect ratio thing. File images shot with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 is exactly a 16x9 image. This will fit your TV screen exactly. An aspect ratio of 1.33:1 is standard 4x3 TV. However, many movies are filmed with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Your HDTV will still need to create black bars on the top and bottom of this image in order to fit the entire image on your television. I've also seen other aspect ratios although much more rare (2.75:1, 2.10:1, etc.).


It doesn't matter how new your DVD player is, you'll still have this behavior. For me, the best thing to do is to set the TV to display in 16x9 if available and let the DVD player send the signal in the native format. Don't apply any stretch features to the DVD signal. You may occasionally get black bars, but you'll also get the best picture.


BTW, the aspect ratio the movie is shot in is typically displayed on the back of the DVD box. If it says Anamorphic Widescreen or Enhanced for Widescreen TVs then the 1.85:1 aspect ratio will fit perfectly. Most DVDs these days do unless they are the Fullscreen version. Some of the the older DVDs didn't and all widescreen versions had letterboxed versions (all versions had the black bars on the movie itself).

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