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Not Completely Lost

1st Week Playoff - Choose Defense (WRTA)

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Looking to start the better defense (defenses score a lot). This pick could be the difference maker.


Ravens play KC - LJ will run pretty well against, then play action (like CIN did last week, will torch them for the end zone). They will get their sacks and INT.


Patriots play MIA - not too much on the ground, but Harrington is torching the air.


Ravens have scored more in the past and tough to bench, but the Patriots matchup just looks better - AM I INSANE?


2pts - per sack

3pts - per fumble recovery

3pts - per INT

3pts - per safety

2pts - per blocked punt or field goal

6pts - TD (special teams or def)


0-15 pt scale when score of opposing offense 0-15 (which means a score and extra point against my defense will leave me 8pts, and a shutout would be 15pts).


0-250 yard scale bonus - once over 250 yards, the bonus is gone ( starts at 10pts)


Ravens have scored me as much as 53 points, and the Patriots have scored as much as 26pts (last week).


Looking for the help - leave a link - I will help as well.


(WRTA) - will reply to all

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I have Balt also, I didnt like the match up so I picked up Cinn, home vs Oak. I dont like Ne @ Miami a whole lot either. IF those are the choices I would go Balt they have been money all year. Just dont expect a huge game.

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Ravens they have had 10 days off to rest and will be pist due to loss last week. Please respond to my question as well.

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