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branch or evans?


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I'm in the same boat with Branch and Mike Furrey. My gut tells me to go with Branch but the numbers say play Branch. He is due for a big game but there are to many other options for Hasselbeck to throw to in Seattle. I would recommend evans for the same reason as madman not as many choices to go to at Buffalo.

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need to decide asap, im back and fourth on this. deion branch or lee evans?!?!?! ahhhh! i made the playoffs and the guy im playing had willie thursday, ugh~!




Not sure of your scoring ,but it sounds like you may need to make up some points, Evans is the guy that can do that. If the rest of your team matches up well and you need a more consistient game 70yds and 0/1 td go Branch. If he has one of the big 3 adding to what Parker did, go Evans...

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