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Gentlemen,I need your help deperately.I have survived injuries to McGahee,Brown,McNabb and Ward and still have a shot at a playoff birth in a very competitive 12 team league.I need a win today to make the playoffs.This is a touch down league and I need to start 3 of these wide recievers.L.Evans,B.Berriman,GJennings or M.Furrey.Your advice is very much appreciated.Thank you!

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sit furrey vs the worst pass def in the league,not me! jennings has'nt done s**t..they will run ahman green down there throats,if any reciever has any value on g.bay today it's driver..also the bears wont have to throw much in my opinion,so i would sit berrrian or jennings..


jennings first

berrian 2nd


good luck


my choices,start 3







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