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Sunday Morning Overcoaching


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I backed into the playoffs with a losing record thanks to a poor draft strategy this season. But I'm still in and have a chance to play spoiler in this my title defense season. So what would the sharks say on these lineup questions?


Standard Performance Scoring:

QB's 1PT @ 200 YD's and 1 per 10 after + 4 PT TD's

RB/WR 1 PT per 10 Rush/Rec + 6 Pt TD's


Pick One: Hasselbeck or Garcia


Pick Two: Julius Jones - Devery Henderson - Dante Stallworth or Ciatrick Fason


Let me also add that I would have to waive one of the WR/RB and pickup Fason for a stop gap performance. I've got no RB depth at all with Benson, Maroney and Julius on my roster.


I also have to consider the potential double points for Garcia / Stallworth in there, but the potential goose egg too.


6:45 AM In the Mountain Zone - Where's my :D

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I like Hass over Garcia. Hass is just simpl a better QB and while garcia may have a big game he may also have a crap game. IMO Hass is more reliable. I


The next one is tough. I would probably go with JJ and hope that BarberIII doesnt whore all his pts again. Then I think it is a coin flip between henderson and stallworth. I would probably just go with Henderson brcause they have been putting up huge passing #'s in N.O.

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I think Hass, Jones, and Henderson will score you the most points. I like Stallworth, but with Colston out and Horn hurting I can see Henderson having a big day.




This is the smart play, but it sounds like your team is up against the wall and to win you will need some help, that said I wouls consider going Garcia, Stallworth and JJ and hope like heck Stallworth catches multiple TD's, if he does, Garcia scores as well and you may pull off the upset. Stallworth has posted some monster games this year and may be your best flex player anyway.


With your scoring at QB, yards will not matter with your 2 QB's as they should both be in the 250 range, you have to look to who will throw the most TD's IMO the way your QB's score:


210 and 0 TD's = 2pts and........190 and 3 TD's = 18pts, big variance

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