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WDIS to assure me making the playoffs?


scoring system;

6pts rush/rec TDs

4pts pass TDs

1pt every 25 yards rush

1pt every 25 yards rec

1pt every 50 yards pass

0pts for recs.


QB: start 1

1. Romo vs NO (high score game?)

2. Hasselbeck @ Ariz (never plays well against the red birds)

3. Favre @ SF (is he even a choice?)


RBs: start 2

1. Tiki @ Car (tired of him not getting any goalline love)

2. T. Jones @ StL (I think him and Benson both have big games)

3. K. Jones vs Minn (tough run D)

4. D. Williams vs NYG (Foster is back)


WRs: start 2

1. Wayne @ Jax (good D and he usually has trouble against them)

2. A. Johnson vs Tenn (big game earlier this year against them but Tenn is playing much better)

3. Boldin vs Sea (hasn't done much of anything the last 4-5 weeks)

4. L. Evans @ NYJ (I don't know, I just have a feeling, another big game?)

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Wow...this is a tough one. Lucky for you, the choices are all good ones.


For the RBs I like Jones & Tiki. For the QB I think you stick with the hot hand and go with Mr. Jessica Simpson.


The WR decision is a bit more difficult. Reggie Wayne is a stud. Hard to bench...but matchup wise, Boldin & Johnson are in heaven. You have to leave Evans out of the discussion, although be aware that he could have the biggest game of all - that's the way he operates. But you have to just forget about starting him. I think any combo of the three (Wayne/Boldin/Johnson) would be great.


Who would I start? Well, Johnson is at the top of the league in receptions so start him against Tennessee. I would go with Wayne also, just based on his stud status. Sit Boldin & Evans and hope for the best.


Good luck.

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