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I have a gut feeling that Benson will do well today, but Dunn should also do well against his old team. Dunn is the starter and will see most of the action before Norwood comes in. I see Dunn getting yardage numbers but Benson getting decent yardage PLUS a score. If you have a gut feeling you have to go with it.

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Would you start either Dunn or Benson over Fason if C Taylor is out today?


Taylor is reportedly taking pain killing shot to play today. Plus, he's from Detroit. I think he goes but sees limited action. That means Fason's numbers take a hit of some sort and Mewelbe should see some action as well. But Fason is a middle of the pack option, imho.


Dunn should absolutely roll over TB this week. And I wouldn't recommend starting a backup (Benson) over a full-time starter in Dunn.


Here's how I rank them -





Good luck.

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