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Driver or TJ Housh


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PPR league


Driver vs SF




TJ Housh vs. Oakland


I think both have a not so good matchup if you really look at what each defense has given up to WRs lately.


Bot of these guys have games where they get a ton of catches, sometimes Driver disappears.


I also like to factor in need to pass. I think GB will need to pass more than Cincy and thus have better results.

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I was going to say Driver as well but now I'm hearing RAIN in SF...Both GB and CIN should be able to run the ball all day on OAK and SF. CIN is at home though, and OAK solid pass rating is mostly based on the fact that NO ONE ever needs to throw against them to beat them.


please see mine..... http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=190008

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