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Pick two: Morris, Bush, Fason, Javon Walker or Henderson


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Typical TD/Performance league with IDP as well.


Bush...was a monster last week and with colston and Horn out they may need him against big D.


Devery Henderson....Horn and Colston out....maybe start both him and Bush, but would hate to strike out.


Javon Walker...Cutler...Cutler...Cutler...I hate to sit Walker, but Cutler may need time to get up to speed.


Morris...will he get enough looks to make an impact against New England?


Fason....against Detroit...will he be the one, or will it be Moore?...or both?




Thanks for any thoughts, and good luck on the games.

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I'd go Henderson and Fason, with Bush close 3rd.



If last week had never happened, I would agree with you. Of course I played Henderson and sat Bush last week, so now I am a bit paranoid. At least we agree with sitting Walker...which I hate to do, but....Cutler....Cutler....Cutler. Hopefully the future is soon

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