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If Colston plays


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I have Glenn in as my #2 WR. I put Scafie in as TE where Colston would be if healthy. I could play Colston over Glenn tonight if I hear he is a go. The question is... Is that a good idea??? Will hr play 1 down and be out?? How will Glenn do.??


Agh. Gota love the playoffs...



Dude ya got a lot of the same plyas as me....



Don't waste ya time with COlston this week. NO could be hiding the fact that he's playing but I don't think so.


Go with Glen n Romo Combo...

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Can you put Colston at TE, Glenn at WR, and cut Scaife and pick up a TE who's playing tonight or tomorrow night to keep your options open (maybe Desmond Clark?). I think Glenn's got enough upside that you don't want to sit him for a possibly less-than-100% Colston; HOWEVER it might be worth cutting or sitting Scaife since he doesn't have that much to offer anyway.

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