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Culter SUCKS!


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Yeah, the timing of this move is horrible. Jay Cutler does not give Den the best chance to win now, he just doesn't. He may in 4-5 games but by then Den will be outta the playoff picture. I think Cutler will be a nice QB in the NFL eventually, but start the kid early in the year, or forget about it. This team will be watching the playoffs with this kid behind center. As bad as Plummer was all year, still is a veteran for a stretch run. Bring on

2007 for the 'Cos.

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I think that due to a combination of Plummer's poor play, injuries on the O-line and in the secondary, and the strength of the other teams in the AFC, Shanny realized that there was no way his team could compete this year, even if they DID sneak into the playoffs. Basically, he gave up the season in order get his new qb some experience.


Even when they were 7-2, Denver was the worst 7-2 team out there. They were painful to watch.

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Is anyone watching this?? Worse coaching decison I have seen in years!!



Stop doin Michael Irvin impersonations! Plummer sucks and Cutler will be a fine QB. It was the right move. I'm not a Bronco fan but I'm sure most of them would agree

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