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If I somehow pull out a win this week and make it to the next round of the playoffs, I will never eva eva eva start Mike Vick again. He kills me everytime.


Just when you thought you can use him he stabbs you in the throat..I feel for you...I am a Falcons fan & have had enough!!

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Vick has actually been remarkably consistent this year, but every fantasy QB has a bad game (check Tom Brady's game today for example) & this was it for Vick.


What normally saves Vick for fantasy points, is his rushing. Today I saw that Tampa was not going to let Vick beat them with his legs, no way, no how. The Falcons had the Zone Read Option thingy going & Tampa made sure they kept a guy right on top of Vick all game long.


Of course all that did was open things up for Dunn, Norwood & then Griffith. :D

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I bet that, before today at least, Vick was a top 5 QB in a lot of leagues.


I drafted him in the 8th round or so in 2 leagues and have been pretty happy with him.



exactly. i traded peyton, housh, norwood (to dunn owner) for vick, steve smith & ronnie brown in week 8, and since then, vick and peyton have been neck and neck in points in my league. no regrets having vick. granted, he sucked today but thankfully he helped me earn a bye this week s hopefully he gets off the schnide against dallas D who just smoked by NO.

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