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Romo looking like Grossman...


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Problem with Romo tonight, was he had to lead them back from a big deficit, and he isnt cut out to do that. What made him succesful in his previous 6 starts, is the running game, and the Defense ability to keep the game close. Tonight, The D looked very soft, and the coaches quit calling running plays as they were obviously working with great success.

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I believe we are watching Parcells be out coached by Payton more than we are watching Romo fall apart.


In addition the coaches that best know what to expect from Romo after Parcells ... are employed by the Saints.



+1 to this.


if you watch Romo's picks, and watch the Saints secondary, every look Romo made was anticipated, and the Saints D-Line had their number as well. Romo hasn't seen looks like that yet, and Romo hasn't dealt with a defense that has prepared so specifically for him. Romo and the Tuna both need to adjust.

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