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Michael Crichton


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Never really knew this but Crichton has a lot of his books turned into movies:


The Andromeda Strain

The Terminal Man

The Carey Treatment (A Case of Need)

Rising Sun

Jurassic Park



The Lost World: Jurassic Park


The 13th Warrior (Eaters of the Dead)



I've read some of his books and i like his writing style. What i like about him is that he doesn't stick to one genre unlike most. Stephen king is known for horror and has a lot of his books turned into movies but crichton seems to be able to have success across a many platforms.


he also has write screen plays for:


1972 Pursuit

1973 Westworld

1978 Coma

1979 The Great Train Robbery

1981 Looker

1984 Runaway

1989 Physical Evidence

1994 ER Creator/Writer/Executive Producer

1996 Twister


I never knew this about him.


interesting stuff here.

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