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So what do you need MN?

Grits and Shins

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As long as Isaac Bruce does not outscore Gould by 34.026 points I will win my division in Cowboys & Indians thanks to my opponent who left Jamal Lewis on the bench to start Maroney.


As long as Benson doesn't go off to the tune of 44.8 points I will take the wild card in CORE.


In Hannibals I need SJackson to NOT outscore Gould by 13.7 points to advance to round 2 of the playoffs. The only reason I even have a chance is because Marion Barber laid an egg (0) for my opponent while he had Travis Henry on the bench (as well as Miami's defense for Seattle's).


In FOFF I need SJackson and Torry Holt to combine for 32.88 points to advance to the next round of the playoffs. So I need Torry Holt to score 20 and SJackson right at 13.

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I need Grossman to avoid having 7-8 turnovers tonight. I am up by 16 points or so and have Grossman left, he has nobody. This is a team QB 32 team Dynasty league so we only have 1 qb. Please don't turn the ball over 7 or 8 times and then I am in the AFC Championship game.



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I need Jackson to not outscore my Chi D.. I am up by 10 pts now in Generation Lost.

Made it to the finals in my $$ Local.

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TWO POINTS.... OK what are my chances of loosing? If I win Im first seed,,,, ye


AND check this out I've been chasing this team all year, If I win were tied but I have more points for and were tied heads up too. Watch me freakin loose :D Naaaawwww hawwwww This is about a for sure as it gets, ya know a lock in!!! BUT I've seen stranger things happen.......


TWO POINTS.... From CHI D and D. Clark.

Thats One Sack or two fumble Recoveries or a pick from CHI or less than 400yds agains em.

or just 20 or more yards from Clark....



T. Romo QB DAL 17 v NO 42 (F) 249 PaYd, PaTD (34), 2 PaInt, RuYd 14

J. Addai RB IND 17 @ JAC 44 (F) 22 RuYd, 14 ReYd 3

L. Tomlinson RB SD 48 v DEN 20 (F) 103 RuYd, 3 RuTD (1,6,7), 9 ReYd 28

L. Fitzgerald WR ARI 27 v SEA 21(F) 79 ReYd, ReTD (5) 13

D. Henderson WR NO 42 @ DAL 17 (F) 3 RuYd, 92 ReYd, ReTD (42) 15


D. Clark TE CHI @ STL 12/11 8:30


J. Nedney K SF 19 v GB 30 (F) 2 FG (24,36), XP 7


D. Bears DST CHI @ STL 12/11 8:30

Total 80





Actives Game Stats Total

M. Vick QB ATL 17 @ TB 6 (F) 155 PaYd, PaInt, 5 RuYd 5

F. Gore RB SF 19 v GB 30 (F) 130 RuYd, RuTD (1), 38 ReYd 22

K. Jones RB DET 20 v MIN 30 (F) -3 RuYd, 67 ReYd, ReTD (23) 12

M. Harrison WR IND 17 @ JAC 44 (F) 101 ReYd 10

T. Owens WR DAL 17 v NO 42 (F) 56 ReYd, ReTD (34) 11

T. Gonzalez TE KC 10 v BAL 20 (F) 31 ReYd 3

N. Kaeding K SD 48 v DEN 20 (F) 2 FG (34,35), 6 XP 12

D. Chargers DST SD 48 v DEN 20 (F) 20 PA, 328 YDS, DFR, 4 SACK, 5 PRYd 7

Total 82

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Up by 33 Cbs points in my local. Need the Bears D to hold Holt to something respectable (120 yds 1 td) anything above that and I'm toast! Go Bears!!! Yes, I am now off to the mall to go buy me a Bears Jersey!!! :D

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in 32 homers, i need grossman, benson, desmond clark, gould, and bears defense to make up a 24 pt deficit. his team is done. i think i will win, not positive though.


in doh league, i need to hold onto the 6 pt lead i have with mushmouth and bears defense going against holt and gould.



in my local league, i had a bye(#2 SEED), BUT........the LT OWNER got knocked out so i won't have to face him next week. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! now i won't have that stupid i'm starting LT but going against him too in a different leagues playoff.


botnh, just finished are season and playoffs start next week. i'll be battling some huddle heavyweights for the title in REZ,LOAF, AND GRUNGE. should be fun, but they will succumb to my LT LED BANGBUS SQUAD.

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