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Now it gets serious - looking at next week


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For the first time in our 12 year league history, the last week of the regular season (wk 14) didn't matter for anything, even seeding. Two week playoffs coming up, and I play the top team, who I'm HOPING just blew a big game - has LT, MJD (and McCallister - start 2 RB) and LFitz and CJ....plus even his K, Def and TE are ridiculously strong.


We were about even this week (I have 7 more, but he's got Bears D, but he did not start MJD), and can only hope KC can hold LT in check and he starts the wrong guy at 2nd RB next week so my good, not great, team (with fill in Jeff Garcia probably at QB) can win by a few....


Anyone else sizing up next week and feeling real confident or real not-so-confident?

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