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Great idea Dubya


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but isn't it about three and a half years too late?


Bush, advisers discuss new strategy for Iraq


President Bush on Monday opened three days of intensive consultations on Iraq...


Bush went to the State Department to review diplomatic and political options -- the latest in a series of consultations that dominate his agenda as he seeks a new course in Iraq.


Later, in the Oval Office, he was to seek advice from a handful of experts, including Stephen Biddle of the Council of Foreign Relations, Eliot Cohen of the School of Advanced International Studies and three retired Army generals: Wayne Downing, Jack Keane and Barry McCaffrey.


Whatever the choice, Bush is out to show he isn't acting alone. He is seeking advice at home and abroad -- brought on by a humbling election in which voters handed control of Congress to Democrats and made clear their dissatisfaction with progress in Iraq.


It's a very complex set of issues, ranging from military strategy and tactical decisions to economic and political and diplomatic matters," Bartlett said. "All these elements coming together will help him sort through all the different interests and recommendations, and then pull it together for a comprehensive decision and announcement."


Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi, the incoming No. 2 GOP leader, said Sunday: "The president this week is going to be meeting with any and everybody he can talk to.


What, no Wolfowitz or Chalabi?

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Four years too late. If someone had had the common sense to tell him and his cronies this was going to be a disaster, we'd all be a $hitload better off now.



Who said they didn't?


I believe plenty of people told him it wouldn't work very well...

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