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Need a new printer for the office


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Actually, I need to be able to print, copy and fax ... currently, I use one machine, but I guess I don't have to going forward.


The one thing I know that I'd like to be able to do is have much higher quality printing than I do now for my presentations... The current (dead) machine is a four year old HP OfficeJet G85. It was fine for what I needed from it when I bought it, but I've been waiting for it to die for a few months now.


At a company I used to work at 6-7 years ago, I used a printer that used a process called thermography (iirc) that used some sort of solid ink (it felt like wax) to 'melt' and the put on paper, rather than the powdery stuff that most common printers use. This solid ink, when dry on paper, would feel raised on the paper and would feel a little expensive (to me, at least).


In some quick nooding around, I found this printer from Xerox, and this three-in-one machine from Xerox.


I don't know if either one is any good, or if I should be looking for some other manufacturer instead. Or, if someone has any other ideas. Any advice / insight would be welcome. I'm hoping to make a decision on this in the next 24hrs (or less).




PS - I don't print any photos, just graphs, charts, etc. for my presentations ... and 80-90% of my stuff is letters to clients, statements, etc.


PPS - By getting a thermography printer, I don't think I'd need to spend the $$s to get new letterhead printed anymore ... just business cards ... so, that'd save a little bit of $$s when it's all said and done ...

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So you have to have color? What is your price range?



Color = yes


Price range = not really sure ... I don't want to spend $5k, but, if it made sense, I'd spend $1-2k, I think... I'm more into "getting a good value / getting a good deal" than I am on having the slickest, shiniest newest thing

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