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electric shavers


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I've used a handheld razor for some time now, but I figured an electric razor would be quicker and save me some money in the long run.

I'm looking for something that gives a nice, close shave but doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Any suggestions?




electric shavers dont get my neck very well. braun is the only one that i have had luck with. the top of the line model is the one i would go with.....but it is close to 2 bills.

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Perhaps I need to give the Braun a try, but I gave up on those things some time ago as they just did a flat out bad job. The other day I got to work and didn't realize it way my front managers day off so I had to host. We keep an electric in the office in case a waiter forgets to shave so I dragged that torture device across my face. 5 minutes of agony later, I looked marginally better but nowhere near as close as a blade.

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yea i've heard good things about Braun and was looking at some different models.

Has anyone tried the self-cleaning one where you stick it in the charger and it does everything for you?

I was thinking about getting that one, but I don't know if it works very well.


i have the braun synchro that is self cleaning and it is by far the best electric i have ever had...of course nothing comes close to a blade shave but it is d@mn good

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