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I am in a keeper league where I get to keep two players for three years. I am trying to decide between:

1. Steven Jackson;

2. Brian Westbrook; or

3. Drew Brees


Which two should I keep..... any advice is welcome. It is a league that has yards and tds but not points for receptions thank you :D

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It depends on your draft position for next year. It also depends on your league rules. Do you lose any draft position if you keep players, do you gain any if you don't retain players? Is the re-draft a snake or 1-12, 1-12 etc.? I'll assume with those players you made the playoffs this year and will have a lower (10,11,12) draft pick.


You have to look and see (guess) who will be kept ahead of you by the other owners. RB's are a premium in most leagues. The drop off in quality QB's is much less than top tier RB's.


If it's a small league (8-10 owners) you may have some quality QB's available if you loose Brees. You may have inexperienced owners ahead of you in the draft that keep a QB or even worse a WR. Think of your keepers as your #1 and #2 pick.


I think Jackson will be #3 or #4 overall next year. (1-L.T., 2- L.J.) Westbrook would be a med - low 1st round as well. Expect the top 3 QB's to be low end 1st round or High 2nd round picks. (Peyton, Brees, Palmer)

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