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For my 1,000th post

Deacon Bill

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Wow, it seems like it was only 2 years and 4 months ago that I began posting at the Huddle. Oh wait, it was only 2 years and 4 months ago that I began posting at the Huddle. :( Apparently I am still a rooktard because I don't know how to post family photos from Adobe Photoshop, to this post. But if I could, the most important people in my life are my wife of 21 years, Mary Jeane, and 7 children (hers, mine, and ours) ranging in age from 19 to 30. Four grandkids complete my non-existant photo display. This is the closest I can come to showing you what we all look like. There's me and my wife :D , she's the 1 in green, Erica :lol: Bill :clap: Bob :huh: Rachel :tup: Bryan :D Laura Jeane :doh: and Cory :bash: .


As many of you know, I'm a working foreman for the City of Sandusky. I'm also an ordained deacon at St. Mary's Parish. Some of you may have heard of Cedar Point . That's where Sandusky is, and for roller coasters, it's the best amusement park there is. My hobbies/vices include golf , video games , reading Tolkien , Terry Brooks , R.A. Salvatore , Raymond Feist , and I know it's gh@y but Harry Potter. I also enjoy Camel Lite Wides, Crown Royal, and Habenero sauce on just about everything. I of course love fantasy football and the Huddle. I've made some good friends here at the Huddle, and appreciate all the good advice and information. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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