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Had one of the most exciting FF games I've been involved with last night - first round of the playoffs, and I went into the game down 5-1/2 points with Torry Holt going, and my opponent had Muhsin Muhammad.


Holt hit the board early, and at halftime Muhammad had yet to touch the ball while Holt had 30 yards and a TD, so I'd taken the lead and was up about 3-1/2 points. I knew it wasn't completely over, but I felt pretty comfortable.


The Bears first possession of the thrid quarter was a bad one for me, as Grossman hit Muhammad twice for 36 yards. At this point, I was up by .07 points.


The next Bears' possession was even worse, as it ended with a 14-yard TD pass to Muhammad, and at that point I was down, I think by 7.33 points. Holt had yet to touch the ball in the second half (other than a couple drops). When Muhammad scored, I considered throwing my remote through the TV, I was so ticked.


Then, in the fourth quarter, Bulger hit Holt for 13 yards on an out, and shortly afterwards, Holt dropped what looked to be a sure TD pass. Once again, I thought about using the remote as a projectile. Couple minutes later, Bulger hits Holt for a 6-yard TD with 5-1/2 minutes left, and I was alone in my den dancing like a damn fool. Still, at this point I was only up by .06, and the Bears were getting the ball.


After that, I had to sweat it out, but when Hester returned the ensuing kickoff for a TD it was the best possible outcome for me - Rams get the ball and need to throw it, and the Bears at that point seemed unlikely to throw it again. I had one slight moment of panic when Muhammad recovered the onside kick, but he just fell on it, didn't advance it at all. Holt had one more menaingless catch (meaningless, but a spectacular grab) to give me a 3-point margin of victory.


Didn't exactly go down to the wire, but to have 3 lead changes on a Monday night, in a playoff game, was very exciting, especially since the last lead change favored me. :D Whew!

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I had two playoff games on the line last night.


In one I held just under a 14 points lead having Gould against his SJax.


In the other I had SJax + THolt going needing to make up 32 points or so.


So I needed Gould to kick a couple FGs, THolt to go off and SJax to have a somewhat quiet night, say around 12 points (plus 3 for each FG kicked by Gould).


Then F'n Gould misses his first FG. Both SJax and Holt find the end zone in the first half. Then Gould misses his second FG.


At the half SJax has scored enough to beat me in the first league but not enough for me to win the 2nd league.


It looked like the writting was on the wall ... then SJax got his 2nd to seal the deal in both leagues ... 1 loss and 1 win. Holts last TD ended up being meaningless.


Holt scored enough that had SJax been held to 13.5 points I could have won both. Oh well.

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