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Which RB, Week 15?


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Hey guys,


I'm in a standard salary cap league. No PPR, 1 point per ten yards rushing/receiving, and 6 points per TD. We have a cap of 18 million, and players are either 4 million, 2 million or 1 million, depending on how good they are. Costs are set at the beginning of the year, so they don't change. The way I usually structure mt budget is to pick one 4 million player at RB, and one 2 or 1 million RB.


I need big points this week, so which do I choose?


4 million RB (pick one):

* Rudi Johnson vs. IND (he's not uber consistent. Indy are weak on run D, but it's MNF, and they might want to make up for their loss at Jax...)

* LaDanian Tomlinson vs. KC (he's who I usually roll with...)

* Larry Johnson vs. SD (tough matchup both ways... which stud RB comes off with their head held higher?)


2 million RB (pick one):

* Frank Gore vs. SEA (did well for me last week. Seattle are usually soft, and gave up 115 and a score to Edge...)

* Maurice Jones-Drew vs. TEN (Which Jax side will come out this week? Will Maurice repeat last week? The Titans can be deceptively tough on the run sometimes...)

* Tatum Bell vs. ARI (Tempting matchup, but he splits carries and just doesn't get into the endzone.)

* Reggie Bush vs. WAS (can he keep up his streak? he gets catches, but not tons, and doesn't get loads of carries...)




At the moment, my gut tells me LT and GORE because they're consistent studs... Am I right? Am I over-thinking?


Thanks for the help. I'll respond to yours too.

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