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Assuming Fred Taylor plays, which RB do you like best? If FT was out I would choose Jones Drew hands down but it looks like he will play so I'm leaning towards Tatum Bell because he is the only clear starter in the group and he has a nice matchup.


Scoring system is standard enough. The matchups are...


Bell @ ARZ

Jones Drew @ TEN

Bush vs WAS


Thanks in advance!

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I don't see how you can bench Bush right now. Clearly better than Bell. Possibly better than MJD this week, though they both have good match ups. I think the x-factor is whether or not Fred Taylor is going to be actively invovled. If the Jags choose to rest him, or give him a reduced work load to keep him fresh (or because his hamstring is still a problem) you gotta love MJD's odds as the featured runner. Otherwise, I'd probably stick with Bush.


I like Gore's chances well enough, as Seattle can be run on and the Niners will look to control the clock in the first half, which means Gore will be very, very invovled. And as long as the game doesn't get away from them, you should get 4 full quarters of Gore. I'd be hesitant to bench him, too.


So Gore/Bush right now, but perhaps you give MJD more consideration once Fred Taylor's status is better known.

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I'm a Seattle homer and while Gore rolled up tons of yards on the 'Hawks in 'Frisco, it'll be a different story in Seattle. Qwest Field is a tough place to play, and the Seahawks defense plays 200% better than they do on the road.


With the matchups, I think I might roll with MJD and Bush. If I had to pick one though, I'd go with MJD slightly over Bush.

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