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WHAT 2 WR's to PICK!?!?!


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I've been riding Housh and Holt all year, sometimes they've been inconsistant and some games theyve done great...this week they have tough matchups...out of these 4, which 2 do i pick??


Holt vs. Oakland

Housh vs. Indy

Glenn vs. Atlanta

Stallworth vs. New York


So which 2 do I pick? I'm thinking I can eliminate Stallworth. And thanks a lot for your help!!

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Really tough one,


Despite matchup I'd be hard pressed to bench Holt. Even though Indy has a weak rud D I think Cincy will want/need to throw as Manning will be on fire. I'd go with Housh over Glenn.


Good Luck, check out my post.

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