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Adding a keeper in my local league.

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I need to know, when you have 1 keeper and someone chooses not to keep a keeper off of his team, do you give that owner an extra pick before the draft, an extra pick after the draft, or somewhere else. Also, what do you do when you have a new owner after someone drops out. Do you give that owner an existing team or do they start from scratch.

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Well in my league we keep one player as well. If the person doesn't want to keep anyone, he would get an extra pick in the first round. I'm pretty sure that's how my league does it. This year we had a guy drop out and we found another person to take his spot. He just took over the existing team that the other person had.

Hope that helps

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I believe the best way is to have a preliminary draft, so the people not keeping anyone have their pick of what's still on the board. In the case of a one-keeper league though, unless I had someone REALLY good, I'd always not keep a player so that I could have the pick of the crop.


As for the new owner, he should agree to take on the existing orphan team.

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2 ways I usually seen it done: keepers are kept based on there they are drafted (same round or a couple of rounds earlier), or keepers cost a draft pick from the top for each keeper.


And a new owner takes over an orphaned team.

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