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Don't want all my eggs in one basket...need rb help


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I need two. I am hesitant to play both Gore and Alexander for two reasons: 1) I do not want to go into the weekend completely devastated as my runningbacks both did poorly (I know the opposite could happen and they could both do well, but I do't think that will be the case See #2) 2) If one rb does well in that game, he'll be eating up the clock preventing the other from getting the ball.


So, I am leaning towards Westbrook and one of the others, but have no idea which one. Come on fantasy football gods, give me the best running backs!!!



Let me know if you have a post and I will answer it.


Thanks in advance

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I feel they're all relatively close in the rankings this week, therefore if you're that nervous play Gore and Westy although SA could break out of his funk at home VS a bad defense.

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