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Commish Needs Advice


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I run a league through myfantasyleague and have a trade deadline of the 10th


The league is a keeper league and allows trading of draft picks for next year.


A trade was made to give up Marice Jone Drew for a 5 round pick next year (First redraft for most teams because rounds 1-3 must be keepers and 4 and 5 are optional)


The trade did not go through because the team that was acquiring Jones did not have roster room. This happened on the 9th, the trade being rejected that is. So know the team acquiring the player has made roster room and I will complete the trade manually.


Not sure if this will play in anyones opinion, but trade deadline is the 10 for this league.


Now it gets fun. Marice Jones Drew was in the starting lineup of the team getting rid of Jones. The points counted on the scoring for the week. League rules allow changing lineup up until game time. Once game time starts all players with that starting time are locked.


My question is should the points count for the team that is trading him away? (This could have playoff implications)


Thanks for the advice.

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I think that if he did not have the roster space and it was past the trade date before he made space than it should be void thats how we do it... and no he should not get the points because he should have looked at the trade better before he made it.if he started another player than he should get those points not the points for traded player .. hope this helps...

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In this case the team that gave up Jones Drew is making the playoffs...


The league approved the first trade, so I put up a poll about allowing the trade with the team recieving Jones Drew dropping a player. The league approved this also, so the trade will go through.

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