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Would you have the Stones to start Cutler?


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Last game of the year and Bulger is facing the Oakland secondary. It's pretty scary how good they've been against the pass. Over the last 3 weeks Carson Palmer got a couple of TD's (and 3 INT's), but before that. . .Carr: 32 yards/0 TD's, Rivers: 133 yards/0 TD's, Green: 102 yards/0 TD's.


On the other hand, Arizona over the last few weeks against the pass? Hasslebeck: 243 yards/3 TD's, Bulger: 314 yards/2 TD's/3 INT's, Brad Johnson: 271 yards/3 TD's.


So the question is, would you start Cutler over Bulger? I also own Vick, and am tempted to start him seeing how the Dallas D got cut up by Brees last week and even made Eli look good the week before that.





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I really need some help with this too. I wish I had Vick available, but my only other option is JP Losman...


I have won the last 2 years in my league and I am matched up against the person I consider the biggest threat in my league, so I HAVE to win this game.


I have Cutler starting right now, but Bulger has been pretty solid all year.

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Bulger struggled against Denver in week 1 and was bad in week 11 against Carolina. But he has put up amazing numbers against Chicago last week and against San Diego in week 8.


On the other hand, Cutler showed signs of improvement against San Diego, one of the top pass defenses in the league. But Arizona this week is ranked 30 in pass defense.

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