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but I didn't need too. :bash: I need to sit (1) of the following. 6 pts TD rushing or recieving; (1) pt PPR; (1) pt every 10 yds rushing/recieving and (2) pt bonus for plays over 40 yds and every 100 yds.


Gore @ Seahawks

FWP @ Panthers

Westbrook @ Giants

Fitz vs Broncos

Chad @ Colts

Wayne vs Bengals


I am thinking about sitting FWP but it is hard after last week. He is playing away and has not faired well. Your help appreciated. :D


P.S. Don't even ask how I ended up with these guys. I will add though that some in the league paniced when they where not living up to expectations early. BTW Carson Palmer is my QB, Shockey my TE and I have the Ravens D and Gould my Kicker. :D

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