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Pick 2 Running Backs

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I am currently putting in a claim on Sammy Morris now that Brown is out this weekend. My other choices (standard scoring league with heavier emphasis on yards... 1 pt per 10 yards rush/receive instead of 20) are:


Gore @ SEA

Taylor v. NYJ

Betts @ NO


Statistically New Orleans, New York, and Buffalo are the worst against the run, but I am concerned about Taylor's ribs and whether Washington can stay in the game long enough to involve Betts (MBIII and JJ got taken out of the game last week because Dallas got down so quickly).


My lean right now is to keep Gore in Thursday, then play Morris against a Buffalo run D that is nearly as bad as the Jets'. Does this seem to be the right play to you?

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Thanks Wolv. Do you not think Pinner's performance against Detroit warrants a few carries even if Taylor is healthy enough to play? I just worry with CT's bad ribs and Pinner's solid game (even if it was against the Lions) mean that Taylor will have some of the load taken off his shoulders and put on some of the backups (Pinner, Fason, Moore).

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