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I am a former Kevin Jones, (And McNabb, R Moss, and L Jordan) owner with a desperate attempt to win this game this weekend. This is our "superbowl" and somehow I have made it in.. The winner takes home a payout with 3 zero's at the end of it. The loser gets a "Thanks for playing, see you next year"..


I need to start:


1 QB - J Garcia (better matchup than Young)

2 RB - I am leaning towards A Harris and Griffith (leaving Maroney, B Jacobs, Lundy, and Pinner on the bench)

4 WR - A Johnson, L Fitzgerald, J Walker, and M Booker (however I have M Colston and I dont know who to take out to put him in)

1 TE - LJ Smith

PK - Vinatieri

DEF - Bears (unfortunately my best play of the week).


So I need help with my RB's and my WR's.





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The Guy I'm playing looks like this:


QB - T Romo

RB - F Gore, L Tomlinson, J Addai (we cam mix and match WR's/RB - have to start a minimum of 2 RB)

WR - D Driver, M Muhammad, B Edwards

TE - A Gates

PK - Scobee

DEF - Green Bay



So this on paper looks like disaster.. But something tells me not to believe the hype, and I do have a small (less than 1%) chance of winning if I do get the right lineup in there..


Again, I know that these messages get old, but I would really appreciate any input that anyone could give. Please help! And thank you!!!

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That's just it.. If he's healthy. And to make matters worse, our lineups lock at 7PM EST on Thursday, and we cannot make any changes to them after that time. I am trying to find ANYTHING possible on Maroney, but of course Bellichick is keeping his lips sealed. This is seriously torture!! And to make matters worse, I just read an article that stated Jim Mora Jr has stated that one of the 2 RB's that got hurt last week is probably going to play if practice today goes well. Which one was kept secret. So I need someone that will get me the most touches. That's why I was leaning towards A Harris. He's (as of today) going to be the starter in Detroit, and they're playing a mediocre Green Bay defense. He has also played under Martz in St Louis, so he is already very familiar with the system. So I like him. Do I play him though? I dont know. I really like Maroney, and would love to start him, but I dont know if I can take the chance in hopes that he will play. I have to have this set by tomorrow.


Walker has a good matchup against the Cardinals, and Cutler can throw the long ball, but cant throw it accurately. He's had 2 full games starting, and seems to be making a little progress. Along with Shanahan stating that he is going to let Cutler let loose this week and will attempt a few long balls. Is that enough for me to start him. Probably not. The Cardinals have a decent secondary. So I will probably put Colston in there in Walkers place.


I dont know.. This is freaking torture!!!!

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