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PLEASE help out - choose between these AWFUL options


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It's the playoffs and I need to get lucky BIG time to advance.


First the easy ones:

At QB I've got Romo at ATL, Garcia at NYG, or Sexy Rexy vs. TBAY. I'm going with Romo but let me hear it if you disagree.


Four no-brainers: At RB #1 I've got LJ. At TE I've got Gates. At WR its Walker and Fitzgerald.



Now the tough calls where I need your help.

#2 RB and Flex:

Winslow at BAL, Vernon Davis at SEA, Ced Houston at MIN, Arlen Harris at GB, Artose Pinner vs. NYJ.

I know, it's ugly. At #2 RB I think I have to use Harris since he's the starter. I don't expect anything from him but I can pray for one goal line plunge. GB is not exactly a great D. After that, I usually like a RB over a TE at the Flex, especially since Winslow has disappeared. If Pinner starts over Taylor I think he's a definite start for me. But that may be a game time decision with Childress playing mind games. MIN has a tough run D and Houston hasn't done much since his big game a few weeks ago. Your input is appreciated...

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I like Arlen Harris here. You've got C Houston playing against the best run defense in the league, you've got A Pinner who as of today is probably going to backup C Taylor (reports state that Taylor is playing this week). A Harris is playing against a mediocre at best Green Bay defense.

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