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Pauly Shore Gets Knocked Out

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it looked fake, Pauly was falling back before the punch started



You may be right but if a big hick was about to the throw a punch toward me and I was 5 ft nothing and 160 lbs soaking wet then I would be "falling" back with fear. I wouldn't be attacking the punch.


But you still may be right.

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Nice avitar, maybe you could Possibly send Me the link.


As far as the topic goes, it looked pretty real to me but who knows with Video.


Drag his avatar to your address bar, weetodd. :bash:


And as for Pauly Shore, the guy is a supreme a-hole. Apparently my fiance's met him on a couple of occasions (she was in the entertainment industry :D) and he was plain rude, and according to her then co-workers, it was nothing out of the ordinary. :D

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Drag his avatar to your address bar, weetodd. :D



Wow, I never knew you could do that. There have been so many times that I've tried to get a better look at someone's avatar (more often than not because it was somewhat like the one in question here). Now I'm all set. And for what it's worth, I think Ludite is probably a better name

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it's a hoax. it was staged for his show.


If it wasn't, then the security at that club is the worst of all-time. That guy was up on stage for a while before he threw that "punch." And even when the guard came to take him into custody afterwards, he was very gentle while subduing the puncher.

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