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where are they now?


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Blue's Clues. Did he go on to pursue his movie career? Should at least be able to get a spot on Law and Order since they eventually go through actors and use the same ones. Is he destined to be found in a theater in Florida with a coat over his lap?


Just having the conversation with the wife while we are watchinga Blue's rerun with our son.

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Recorded an album with Flaming Lips member Steven Drodz, entitled "Songs for Dustmites."


Showed up for his initial interview for "Blue's Clues" with long hair, an earring, and Army fatigue pants. Got the job despite this choice of wardrobe and the fact that he had never worked with children.

Where are they now


(August 2003) Releasing first CD, called "Songs for Dustmites" on August 12th. This CD is in no way affiliated with 'Blue's Clues' and is not a children's CD.

Imagine what the guy that was Barney looked like...
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Here's the scoop from Wikipedia...



Steve (Steven Burns):

Up until 2002, was the host of show. The character Steve left in order to go to college when the actor Steven Burns decided to pursue a musical career.


Joe (Donovan Patton):

Joe is Steve's younger brother on the show. He was phased in as the new host in 2002, with a number of shows featuring both Joe and Steve (sometimes only Steve's voice).

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