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WDIS at QB - Brady or Rivers


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1pt per 5 completions or 20 yds. 4pts per TD pass.


Brady at home vs. Houston

Rivers at home vs. KC


A few weeks back I would have easily gone with Brady especially with Houston being amongst the worst against the pass, but after last week good gosh. KC is in the middle of the pack in Pass Defense and Rivers is likely the more consistent choice. I have a pretty strong team and in the first round of the playoffs I am facing a much weaker opponent.


Your advice is appreciated.



The rest of my starting lineup.


L. Johnson, S. Jackson

Boldin, Booker, Reg. Brown.



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It's tough, but I'd go with Rivers, especially if your scoring favours TD. I could see Brady going for maybe 300 yards, and maybe 1 TD. If they get up high early, they'll be rushing the clock down anyways. The KC-SD game will be a shootout. Sure, LT will get his touchdowns, but I could see Rivers going for 250 and TD's.

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I would take Rivers... lately he's been pretty solid, 2 TDs per game and decent yardage. It's the Tomlinson show for sure, but he usually tosses at least one TD to Gates, and one to Tomlinson or a random WR. I don't see Rivers tossing up a stinker against a hated AFC West rival with homefield advantage on the line.

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