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Señor Tequila

WDIS WR Help for Playoffs

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Edwards @ Ravens

Edwards had a nice game at home against the Ravens, however the Ravens are tough at home.


Mason vs Browns

Mason had a nice game at the Browns earlier in the season, however Clayton seems to get alot of the passes lately


S. Moss @ Saints

Moss can make big plays at anytime, too hard to predict


DJ Hacket vs 49ers

Jackson is hurt and Hacket seems to be the only Seattle WR to hang onto the ball


I'm already starting Coles so I need 2 more.



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Moss and then flip a coin.


Hackett - best matchup

Mason - has Clayton and Balt. may not need to pass much

Edwards - even though they may be behind what will he do.....


I'd go Mason just barely over Edwards....Good Luck, check out my post.

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I'd go with Moss and Hackett. Baltimore is going to run the ball and Balt Def is too good. Hackett seems to get open in the 4/5 WR offense they've been running.

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I'd be careful with Hackett. I keep seeing stuff all over the place about the horrible weather and winds tonight in Seattle -- that would mean lots of S. Alexander, and when they do throw Hackett will be competing with Engram, Burleson, and especially Branch for balls.


I would probably go with Santana Moss, despite his inconsistency -- he's the best threat to score on a long ball. And I suspect the Skins will end up playing catchup against the Saints.


I would have recommended Edwards #2, but he's got a terrible matchup and a backup QB; the combination is deadly. I think that IF Mason plays he's a good choice as your #2 guy, but I believe he's listed as questionable, so make sure he's in the lineup.


So... I would go Santana Moss and Derrick Mason, with Edwards if Mason can't go.

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