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Who do I sit?

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1 point for 10 yards rushing or receiving, 6 point TDs, no PPR


Holt at Oakland, Housh at Indy, or Addai vs Bengals? Pick two please.


Leaning toward Holt at WR2 and Addai at WR/RB flex position. Currently have Bulger also at my QB slot and Chad at my WR1 slot. Could have 2 Rams playing at Oakland or two Bengals playing at Indy. From what I have seen, it looks like Addai will be ready to go on MNFB. The fear is that Cincy runs the ball all day long against the Colts and there isn't enough passing for both CJ and TJ to make for two Cincy WR starts.

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I like nhoops answer as I fear that both Cincy WRs will be used sparingly as Rudi Johnson runs all over Indy.


But if Cincy controls the clock and runs all day then wouldn't they have to throw to keep up? Housh has been solid all year. I don't see why on earth you would sit him for a guy that has been inconsistent and is coming off an injury (depite the fact that the MRI was negative). I'd play Housh and Holt.

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Im starting Housh and Holt this week....


Indy was embarrased last week, it was a disgrace...do you honestly think they're going to repeat last week? No, they've done tackling/wrapping up drills all week and worked on where to be in position a lot this week.


I can't remember Housh having a bad game this year. He's been real consistant.


Look for Indy's offense to get back into rythm and look for Cincy to pass a lot to keep up. I believe this will turn into a high scoring monday night affair!


Start Housh/Holt and sit Rudi!!!

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If I had Rudi, I sure wouldn't sit him, he is the top play of the week behind LT and LJ.


I keep thinking about Addai because of his potential, the problem with him IMHO has been how Tony Dungy has misued him or TD's lack of using him. Rhodes is still getting half the touches and is obviously past his prime or at least does not have the explosiveness that Addai has. At one point last week, Rhodes had 7 carries for 7 yards, yet he was still getting carries. Dungy says he wants to split time to save his RBs for the playoffs. He better start planning for the next game and take this one game at a time. He needs to give Addai 20+ carries every game; this would also take some of the pressure off of Peyton and the passing game and would also help keep that miserable defense off the field. I have both Addai and Rhodes on my fantasy team, so I am not just saying play Addai because I have Addai. I am saying it because it is obvious when you watch the two RBs perform which one deserves to be on the field and which one helps the Colts team more - Addai.


Anyway, right now I have Housh out of my lineup. I know it is hard to sit him. He did have one bad game this year, but for the most part he has been consistent. Maybe I sit Holt, I will be playing Bulger. Or I could sit Addai. Not sure, all 3 seem to be decent plays this week.

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I like Housh and Holt. Forget Addai, I think Cincy's run defense will shut him down for less than 75 yds rushing.


Good Luck


There you have it. I'd sit Addai for the reasons you listed as well. Not consistent enough and who knows if this is his week? If you need a gamble, go Addai but Housh will get you some solid points.

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Other options that I have for that flex position besides Housh and Addai are:


RB McGahee (tough matchup vs. Miami but will get the touches)

WR Henderson (good matchup vs. Skins but will he get enough catches with Colston back)

WR Booker (steady, not so good matchup and possible weather in Buffalo)

RB Arlen Harris (good matchup vs. Green Bay, so so good RB, will get the touches)

RB Rhodes (would be decent play if Addai was sitting and vice versa)

RB Jacobs (could net 2 TDs vs. Philly run D, playing Tiki)

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