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Dare I? Dare I start a Raider?


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Hi all, post #1 for me here.


Just a quick description of my league...TDs worth 6, 3pts for 100 yds rec or rush, 1 bonus pt per 25 yds after that.


Given that, my quandry is the following...should I start Justin Fargas against the Rams? The Rams are pathetic against the run. I get a first row seat to all of their home games, so I know. The Raiders are at home, and the Rams are terrible outside on the road.


BUT...this IS the Raiders we're talking about.


So, dare I start Fargas vs the Rams, or Derrick Mason vs the Browns?


My other options are Devery Henderson vs the Redskins (I already have Colston), or DeAngelo Williams vs the Steelers, but my guess is that his touches will be few and far between.


Any advice would be GREAT. The rest of my lineup is fine, but I can add more information if needed.

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I like Mason (questionable, thigh, although I think he will play) for this week against a weak Browns secondary. Fargas as you know is nothing more then a straight ahead runner even when there are defenders standing right in front of him. He could break one or two nice gains off with his speed alone though. Devery should have a nice game too...If Mason doesn't play for some strange reason I would go with Henderson. Good Luck!

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