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I sqeeked by the number 1 sead last week when Wilkins missed the extra point and SJackson sat for a few minutes, but this week it will take a bigger miracle.


I have to start Trent Green (no other QB on roster)


RB: Fargas vs.. St. Louis

RB: Sammy Morris @. Buffalo


RB: Foster vs. Pitts

RB: D. Williams vs. Pitts.


I have to start 2 and am thinking Fargas and Morris but I must be crazy.


Need some sound minds to weigh in.


Rest of team

WD: C. Johnson, Andre Johnson, D. Driver, Lee Evans (bench LJ SMith, Hackett)

Bench: MIke Bell


Defense: Playing Miami instead of Minn because I am a Miami homer.

Good luck to everyone.

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Funny/ I too beat the #1 seed in our league in the first round as the 8th seed (though I didn't squeak by; I kicked his shyt-talkin' a$$ and it felt soooo good!) with some of the same players you have. I'd definately play Morris out of the backs you listed, but not Fargas. I'd probably go w/Foster. DeAngelo is the best back out of your 3 options, but he won'tt get the reps with Foster in there. I'd stay away from ANYTHING Raiders though.

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