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Fast Response Needed WDIS


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I'm trying to decide between the two also. I want to note that it has been reported that the winds are blowing at 70 miles per hour in Seattle now. Do you all think that helps or hurts Vernon Davis? Initially I think it hurts, but it will help the 49ers if they can pass occasionally. Vernon Davis may be there main option to pass to in the wind. Just something to think about. :D

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Thanks for answering mine, and I hope I'm not too late for you. Neither Davis nor Scheffler has a particularly good matchup this week, and the weather for tonight could kill Davis.


BUT... I think the difference is that Davis DOES have big play capability, and if Smith does manage to get a pass to him he could bust a long TD. Despite what happened last week, I wouldn't count on Scheffler for a whole lot.


Go with Davis...

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