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Bengals vs. Colts Thread #1

Bengal Mania

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Could be an absolutely awesome game, I hope it lives up. Have to admit I'm extremely nervous about the Bengals real chances in this one on the road. I'm one who actually wishes the Jags hadn't run all over them last week. The Colts might just be pissed enough to right the ship on pure anger. Or they tell Manning to go out and score 45 points and to hell with defense. He's better at shootouts then just about anyone, right?


My random thoughts, Bengal-biased.


Bengals on Offense:

-Don't think they'll run nearly as much as Jags. Still want to use the massive weapons at QB and WR. The Jags had neither, so it's fortunate the RBs worked.


-Bengals O-Line, with back-up C and LT, has really been nothing short of phenomenal for the last 6 or 7 weeks. If they give Palmer time, the Colts can't stop the pass either. There is no doubt in my mind the Bengals can put up 35 points if O-Line plays like they have been.


-I'm playing againsts TJ in FFL playoffs this week, but if the difference in a Bengals win is a big TJ night, well, there's always FFL next year! Go TJ.


-If the Bengals get a couple 10-12 play series for TDs early, I like their chances very much.


-If the Bengals have first and goal at the 1 at the 2:00 warning in either half, take a knee on 1st and 2nd down, then try to punch it in. DON'T give Manning the ball back at the end of a half!


Bengals on DEFENSE

-Bengals on defense have played against poor offenses for the last three weeks, but to their credit, have played not good, but GREAT, against them. This trend ends this week. Bengals are not a match for the Colts.


-I love the rookie left corner Jonathan Joseph. His speed and cover skills in 4 games starting have been tremendous. But he's dropped all 5 of his INT chances. If he finally hangs on to one this week, that's a mark in Bengals chance to win. He will get M Harrison (who always plays on right). The old man is likely to school the youngin', I'm afraid (although this doesn't lesson my burgeoning man-love for the kid)


-Reggie Wayne is gonna remind watchers why Tory James (god love him, has been great til this year) is past his prime. Peyton won't make the mistake that McNair made, which is ONLY going against the rookie DB Joseph. He knows that Wayne v. James is a mis-match.


-Addai is NFL stud waiting to happen. I like the guy. I think he has a good game, because I think the Bengals will never load the box due to fear of Mannings prowess.


-The lack of Dallas Clark is HUGE for the Bengals DEF. Their worst trait is defending a good TE, and so I think this is a big weapon missing for Peyton.



It's hard for me to say I'm confident of a Bengals win, but they are playing well right now. I know Palmer can go toe-to-toe w/ Manning, he showed it last year. Manning in the last minute, needing a score, has no equal, however.


Bengals keys are a couple of good, sustained early drives for TDs. If they get a lead, I think Indy will panic a little bit, given their last few weeks.


Bengals 38

Colts 31

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