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Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !


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Winners 2 date: Wheelz81(2), okiiyama (2), Wolv, timberho27, rellen13, Flip Side, BigMikeinNY, rhippens, Mystykoekaki, Puddy, Avernus, Wolverines Fan, broncosn05, kcmast, MustOfBeenDrunk, Bring Back Pat!!!, gfl, soco, Tford, Gunther, Retrograde assault, Junebugz.


We had 1big winnerz. Congrats 2: Junebugz.


Well we close out another season. Hope you all enjoyed the RussMan Challenges. :D


Same rules as N previous years. Pick the combination of players that will generate the most points and U meet my challenge. Standard performance scoring ( 10 yds=1 pt, TD=6pts ).


Many have tried. Most have failed. Do U have what it takes to meet my challenge? Doubtful but give it a shot anyway.


Now on 2 this week's challenge. Pick 3, three, THREE I SAID from the following.


Pick 1RB: R. Bush, F. Taylor, C. Benson, M. Barber


Pick 1 WR: Fitzgerald, R Wayne, C Johnson.


Pick 1 Nite Prime Time: Rudi, L. Johnson. L.Tomlinson.




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