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Playoff HELP at QB! Vick or Vince Young or Rothlisberger?


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Finally made the playoffs as the #1 seed and I don't want to lose 1st shot.

WDIS at QB???


Vick's carried me to the playoffs but has fallen flat the past 2 wks. (vs. Dallas)

Young has had 2 great games in a row but JAX is a tough opponent.

Ben can either light it up or throw more INTs on a given week (vs. Carolina)


Thanks in advance your your help! I appreciate it!

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light it up :D vick and young,does'nt sound right..i would take vick,more experience,prime time saturday game and dallas def was exposed last week+ if vick ot you there why change..gl


damm i read it wrong,red wine...i like ben



thanks for the reply. I was leaning toward sticking with Vicki as I did most of the season and I don't think Young will keep his streak going vs. Jax. But, with Ward back I was wondering about starting Big Ben instead...

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