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Ten most dangerous toys


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We played that too. Kids are smart.


Same here except we used to get on opposite sides of the street & throw them high & across at each other. As I've told my wife many times, with all the stupid crap I did as a kid it is freaking amazing I'm here to tell about it. :D


BTW, anybody watch the Johnny Reb Cannon clip? "We'll all be gay when Johnny comes marching home!" Yeah, because you stepped in front of that rig & got a plastic cannonball launched up your rearend. :D

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We played lawn dart dodge. We would throw the dart straight up into the air and then see who could move at the last possible second before it hit you.


Thinking back, that was dumb.

I remember when we thought it would be fun to try and race bottle rockets. I almost caught one in the face. Same kid that shot that I stuck a metal tipped dart in his head by accident later in our chilhood...

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