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Gros Membres!

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Need to pick one of these guys...here's what I've been thinking


Rivers vs. KC - has been solid and scoring btwn 10-15 pts. weekly, LT2 has been stealing some TDs (especially at home), now that he has the record does LT let off the gas a bit this week? Last time Rivers faced KC he threw for 266/2 TDs/1 Int (Rothlisburger just threw for 225/1 Rush TD/1 Pass TD vs. KC).


Garcia @ NYG - offense runs through him, has some incredible weapons, Giants D banged up (Weinke threw for 423, 1 TD, and 3 Ints last week), and tough divisional matchup. Is this the week Garcia throws a bunch of INTs and loses the game for me/PHI but then again if Weinke can do it...?


Grossman vs. TB - great matchup but too risky, imho. But brass ball$ are sometimes the only way to win championships.


I'm leaning Rivers here but Garcia is intriguing after Weinke's weekend.


Pick one. Passing TDs are 4 pts. Ints are -1. Rushing TDs are 6. 1 pt. per 20 passing yds.


Thanks and I'll get you back.

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I agree, go with Garcia.


Rex will do OK and Rivers might not have to do much. Garcia gives you a bette chance for a big week.


Good Luck, see one of my posts.

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With a name like NYGiants5680 I'm sure your not just wishful thinking. Go with Garcia.


While I live in NY and am a Giants fan, letting Chris Weinke throw for over 400 doesn't exactly have me shaking in my boots about the start. Sure, he could tank it but I think there is some significant upside there.

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