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WR Help WDIS!?!?!?!


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I am in a performance league. It is our playoffs, my opponent has Palmer, LT, R Johnson, S. Smith, TJ Housh, Muhammad.


I have Brees, LJ, Tiki in. I need help with my WR's. I have Colston, Chad Johnson, Driver, Roy Williams, Coles, and Walker.


I can only start 3 WR...I plan on Colston & Driver. Do I use Williams or Johnson?? Since they are using 3 Bengals do I sit Chad and root for the Colts D to show up?? Also, who will it be this week Chad or House??


Thanks for any help. I have to turn in my line up this afternoon (12/15/06).

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You have to use Colston because you'll probably need him and Brees to hook up to beat an LT/Rudi backfield this week. Driver's been hot, so he makes sense too. But I might go with Roy Williams over Chad Johnson and hope that the Colts somehow dominate the game -- I just think that you counting on Chad a lot when your opponent has 3 other Bengal studs is pushing your luck. Besides, Roy Williams has a pretty nice matchup -- you could see a GB-Detroit shootout where Roy and Driver catch a couple of TD's each.


And keep an eye on Driver's health. I have him, and plan on starting him (ahead of Colston in one league), but will watch for late news on his shoulder.

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