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If you still need to buy a gift(s)


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Mission Statement:


Operation Ensuring Christmas provides financial, moral and rehabilitative

support to the Children of Fallen American Soldiers by providing them

Christmas Gift Cards at Christmas and a ‘Christmas in July’, VIP theme

park trip to Orlando Florida. This support is to help them recover from

the grief and trauma caused by the ultimate sacrifice a child can make

for their country...the loss of a parent in war.


Operation Ensuring Christmas was founded for the purpose of bringing a

little extra joy to children who have lost a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan after

9/11. For many it will be their first Christmas without a father or a mother.


These Children have made the Ultimate Sacrifice that a child can make

for their country, the loss of a parent in service to our nation in a time of war.

The grief and trauma they suffer is often compounded by the tragic

way their parents have died in combat. They are constantly reminded in

graphic ways through the intense media coverage of the war in pictures

and graphic detail of how their parents suffered. You can make a difference

in the lives of these children by helping them escape for a while and

help them to be kids again...


Many of these children have fallen through the cracks and did not receive

substantial benefits following their loss. Your donation will help to put a

few extra gifts under the tree this Christmas and bring a little extra Christmas

cheer to these very special children...


Operation Ensuring Christmas seeks to be good stewards of your

donated dollars. In 2005 due to not having yet recieved our IRS 501-c3

status, OEC did not reach the threshhold of donations required to

file an IRS form 990. OEC has surpassed that threshold for 2006 and

will be filing its IRS 990 in the first quarter of 2007.


Had OEC filed a 2006 form 990 on the dollars raised [in 2005] we would have

shown 8% administrative costs and 7% in Fundraising costs. These

figures would have given OEC a top rating of 10 on Charity Navigators

ratings table for non profits and put us at the top of GuideStars rankings.


Someone you know would want the CD.


Ya'll enjoy the Holiday Season and have a happy new year. I survived the surgery and just need to heal up. I'm going to go pop a couple of Vicodin and take a nap.



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