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WDIS - C Taylor or S Morris?

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Starting to look at some projections and apparently folks feel like Taylor is going to play enough to take advantage of that bad New York Jets run D. I'm not exactly in bad shape with either guy, I think, but I'd definitely like to nail this lineup and take home the league Super Bowl.


What's the word on CT and is he healthy enough to play over Morris?

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One more in the same spot. Looks like we won't know if we are correct until he gits hit Sunday. He looks like he's gonna start I'm just hoping he pulls a McGahee who had his best performance after coming back from his rib inj. I'm leaving J. Jones, M Barber III, and S. Morris on the bench for C. Taylor.



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See my post with the same question (there must be about 5 others asking about Chester vs Sammy too).




I posted Thursday, I think, and most folks seemed to prefer Sammy. But a lot of the ones I see today that are more recent say Chester. I'm leaning Chester now -- while he COULD get hurt early and not do much, he could also break a 60-yarder and a 40-yarder. And Sammy realistically has only had the one good game,


I'm starting Chester in cases where I think I need a big game and I want to maximize my upside. I'm probably going with Sammy in one league where I think I'm in good shape and am willing to play it safe with a 7-8 point game.

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